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In 1973, when Franco made a meticulous inventory of his work, his archive included something like 13,000 experiments and about 800 paintings – not counting the hundreds of advertising works and the covers for books and magazines [from the Italian-French magazine ‘arte e società‘, 6/7, 1973].

Hence, what you see here represents only a minuscule fraction, a selection constrained by the limitations of what the web can currently showcase.

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“I wanted the eyes of others to be educated to see through the inter-cerebral world of impulses the sensory way suited to modern man. So art enters life as a support to the problems of visual culture, because the man, being no longer filled with notions, can formulate judgments, indicate choices, enjoy different aspects, have a more creative imagination, doubling the value of life in the exaltation of the imaginary.”
Franco Grignani

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sources (top contributors in bold):

all pics of works are copyrighted © Eredi Franco Grignani (see terms and conditions)

[1] graphéine
[3] CAST, courtesy of Alessandro Colizzi
[4] Museo del Marchio Italiano
[5] Veder bene, courtesy of Bonifacio Pontonio
[6] GARADINERVI, courtesy of Robert Rebotti
[7] AIAP / CDPG Centro di Documentazione sul Progetto Grafico, courtesy of Lorenzo Grazzani
[8] MUSEONOVECENTO, courtesy of Silvia Penna
[9] Unit Editions Studio, courtesy of Bethan Roberts
[10] Katarte, courtesy of Paolo Buonarrivo & Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese
[11] AIS/Design
[12] Typeroom, courtesy of Loukas Karnis
[13] IDEA magazine
[14] Artribune & Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese
[15] Graphiste-webdesigner, courtesy of Jean-Guy Cheminade
[16] Modernism101, courtesy of Randall Ross and Molly McCombs
[17] Clueb
[18] Regione Lombardia/Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Milano-Cinisello Balsamo
[19] AIGA Eye on Design, courtesy of Team EOD
[20] Paul Giambarba’s Typepad, courtesy of Paul Giambarba
[21] il Giornale del Ticino, courtesy of Massimo Soncini
[22] Wall Street International Magazine, courtesy of Alex Callagher & 10 A.M. ART Gallery
[23] Galleria d’Arte Il Salotto, courtesy of Michele Caldarelli
[24] Il Post & Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art
[25] Il Post & M&L FINE ART, courtesy of Matteo Lampertico
[26] Collezione da Tiffany, courtesy of Nicola Maggi & 10 A.M. ART Gallery
[27] Editoriale Domus SpA & m.a.x. museo Chiasso, photos by Matteo Zarbo
[28] Christie’s Images Ltd. 2020, lots 1, 7, 104, courtesy of Sara Macdonald
[29] Fidesarte Italia
[30] Archivio Fotografico Il Ponte Casa d’Aste, courtesy of Paola Colombo
[31] la Repubblica & Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese
[32] Lorenzelli arte, courtesy of Matteo Lorenzelli
[33] Martini Studio d’Arte, courtesy of Angelo Martini
[34] Justseeds, courtesy of Josh Macphee
[35] Design is fine, courtesy of Andrea Riegel
[36] Art-Rite
[37] Dorotheum
[38] Galleria Pananti
[39] M3Studio per Aste Bolaffi, courtesy of Cristiano Collari
[40] Cambi Casa d’Aste
[41] Sotheby’s
[42] Finarte
[43] Aste Boetto
[44] Studio d’Arte Borromeo, courtesy of Alberto Orsenigo
[45] WestLicht Auction
[46] Ambrosiana Casa d’Aste
[47] Capitolium Art, courtesy of Marta Plebani
[48] Koller Zurich
[49] Artcurial
[50] Wannenes
[51] Centro per la cultura d’impresa
[52] courtesy of Daniela Grignani
[53] Bauhaus e razionalismo nelle fotografie di Lux Feininger, Franco Grignani, Xanti Schawinsky, Luigi Veronesi, a cura di Giuliana Scimè, 1993
[54] PCCC, courtesy of Paolo Credi

special acknowledgments are due in particular to the constant work of research and documentation by AIAP / CDPG and GARADINERVI

more pics can be browsed from AIAP / CDPG Centro di Documentazione sul Progetto Grafico, LombardiaBeniCulturali and from the exhibition catalogues: Franco Grignani: Il Rigore dell’Ambiguità – 10 A.M. Art, Franco Grignani: Subperception – 10 A.M. Art, Franco Grignani – M&L Fine Art; focused on photography: MUFOCO, Milano-Cinisello Balsamo and CSAC, Parma

see also: Franco Grignani for Alfieri & Lacroix: virtual exhibit on Artsteps

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