Franco Grignani’s works are still relevant and influential, which is evident in the number of young students attracted to his work.

Every year, a number of students of all ages produce some noteworthy works.
Here are some I recently found on the web, in addition to others already published on this blog:

  • Gleine Meryll Reinton from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (Italy) produced some animated posters through 3D graphics for the promotion campaign of a hypothetical interactive exhibition about Franco Grignani, taking as reference five of his prints:

Franco Grignani – Op Art experience

  • Stéphanie Cantin from France produced a responsive website, within a learning course on Webdesign:

Franco Grignani – L’obsession des formes et de l’optique (FRA)

(see also more details about the project)

Paola Maiullari and Fabiana Bosatra from ‘cfp Bauer‘ in Milan produced two timelines about Franco Grignani, within the course of ‘History of Visual Communication’:

Franco Grignani – Timeline (ITA)

Franco Grignani – Timeline (ITA)

[The first aim of this blog is to disseminate the excellence of the works of Franco Grignani in graphic design among the new generations of students; therefore, if you are a student or academic and you wish any support for a project about Franco or Jeanne Grignani, do not hesitate to ask for my support for free, using the Contact form.]

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