Franco loved inserting his family into some personal greeting cards or works for Alfieri & Lacroix, but with discretion, sometimes in an almost invisible way, as he was used to doing for his signatures on ads.

In these pics, the silhouettes or the names of Jeanne, Franco, Daniela, Manuela Grignani appear at the top or in the middle of the main image.

His first daughter, Daniela, is portrayed by her father in many photo experiments and ads of the 50s and the 60s. Daniela started posing very early, when she was a baby in an ad for Montecatini, and then around 6/7 years old for the Mondadori editions; her classmates, fascinated by the effect of those very particular photos, asked Franco to be photographed and he, with great patience, satisfied them all! Thus in a short time, Daniela became a sort of icon for Franco Grignani, to the point that the famous philosopher and friend Marshall McLuhan (they met in Carbondale, Illinois, at the first World Congress on New Challenges to Human Communication – ‘Vision 65‘) would mention her, as Grignani recalled: “Every time we met he said to me: what a beautiful daughter, she seems a Modigliani”.

Italo Lupi, Art Director of the Italian magazine ‘Abitare’ dedicated the cover of issue n° 398 to Daniela in September 2000.
The magazine came out exactly on her birthday:

Abitare, issue n° 398, Sept. 2000
Abitare, issue n° 398, Sept. 2000

Eventually, the second daughter, Manuela, appears in these images:

[*] courtesy of Daniela Grignani
[a] courtesy of Alexander Tochilovsky, curator at Herb Lubalin Study Center
[1] graphéine
[3] CAST, courtesy of Alessandro Colizzi
[5] Veder bene, courtesy of Bonifacio Pontonio
[7] AIAP / CDPG Centro di Documentazione sul Progetto Grafico, courtesy of Lorenzo Grazzani
[30] Archivio Fotografico Il Ponte Casa d’Aste, courtesy of Paola Colombo
[35] Design is fine, courtesy of Andrea Riegel
[45] WestLicht Auction

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