Sending New Year greetings to friends and acquaintances has forever held a special place in Franco’s heart. He believed in the power of personal messages as a means to forge genuine connections, countering the impersonal nature of the customary flood of anonymous postcards:

Franco Grignani, greeting card, from Graphis Annual 66/67
Franco Grignani, greeting card, from ‘Graphis Annual’ 66/67 [35]

Franco-Grignani, greetings
Franco-Grignani, greetings [*]

The ‘enlightened freedom’ extended to him by clients like Dompé or Alfieri & Lacroix provided him with the opportunity to share his greetings with a broader visual audience:

[*] courtesy of Daniela Grignani
[a] courtesy of Alexander Tochilovsky, curator at Herb Lubalin Study Center
[1] graphéine (incl. featured pic); a negative version of the 1967 card from Graphis issue n° 130, 1967
[7] AIAP / CDPG Centro di Documentazione sul Progetto Grafico, courtesy of Lorenzo Grazzani
[35] Design is fine, courtesy of Andrea Riegel; also from the British magazine Modern Publicity 1966/67.
[54] PCCC, courtesy of Paolo Credi

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