In a previous post, we demonstrated the process of recreating the Woolmark logo using Adobe Illustrator®. In this video tutorial by Caio Pires, you will discover how to replicate Franco Grignani’s iconic logo for the Peccolo Gallery, which he designed in 1971. This logo holds special significance as it was created during the same year when Grignani held a personal exhibition titled Franco Grignani, 20 opere: tempere, acrilici 1965-1970 at the gallery.

Franco Grignani, Galleria Peccolo, 1971
Franco Grignani, Galleria Peccolo, 1971 [54]

Let’s reflect on the fact that Grignani’s creative journey unfolded in an era when physical craftsmanship and ingenuity held sway. As he often remarked, “a good drawing starts with a well-sharpened pencil”, encapsulating the essence of his imaginative yet disciplined approach. In those days, there were no computers – just the power of your own hands!

For five decades, spanning from 1969 until its definitive closure in 2019, Galleria Peccolo remained an indispensable cultural hub for the city of Livorno. It played host to eminent masters from around the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the local creative landscape.

The symbol stylizes a G and a P, as for Galleria Peccolo.

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[54] PCCC, courtesy of Paolo Credi

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